The Frederick News-Post

A pattern of abuse: Frederick Community College president has history of harassment complaints

The middle school decision: When to buy your kid a cell phone

Female students hope new FCPS dress-code policy leads to changed mentality

The future of computer class

Community college program helps parents of young children reach their academic goals

Space limited if pregnant and seeking child care in Frederick County

Board of Education candidates talk screen time, Chromebooks, and technology funding

More Frederick County schools reach 1:1 Chromebook to student ratio

Third grade teacher Casey Keenan embraces social media in the classroom

Inside the unique experience of a newly enrolled high school-aged immigrant in Frederick

Hispanic student sues FCC, says professor forced her out 

Data: No improvement in suspension rates for non-white Frederick County students

Six Frederick County schools ranked 'high suspending' in statewide study

Fair Day highlights Frederick's history — and its future

PARCC results show a continuing achievement gap in Frederick County

Advisors: Preparation is key to surviving the transition to high school

Housing developments and high enrollment set to strain Linganore, Urbana, Oakdale schools

County mental health providers: Issues are more common, starting earlier for children

The Chronicle of Higher Education

For Scholars of Women’s Studies, It’s Been a Dangerous Year

What a Controversy Over an App Tells Us About How Students Learn Now 

U. of Maryland Removes ‘Misogynistic’ Guidelines for TAs 

Lurid Charges Against Ex-Dean Mark a Disturbing Turn in Michigan State’s Nassar Scandal 

‘Multiple Steves and Pauls’: A History Panel Sets Off a Diversity Firestorm

Deep-Rooted Grievances Prompt Sit-In at Howard U.: ‘We’ll Be Here as Long as It Takes’ 

Inside Gay Students’ Fight to Be Heard at BYU 

The Battle Is Over. How Can Presidents and Faculty Members Mend Fences?

After a Mass Shooting, Education Programs Confront a Question: ‘Am I Obligated to Take a Bullet for My Students? 

Shadowy ‘Group of 17 Faculty’ Adds Confusion to Chapel Hill’s Silent Sam Debate 

Should Students Be Expelled for Posting Racist Videos?

Stanford at Odds With Victim Over Plaque at Site Where Brock Turner Assaulted Her

Guides to ‘Being Not-Rich’ Are Springing Up at Elite Colleges. Should Administrators Adopt Them? 


The Daily Beast

Chicago Rewarded Principal Who Allegedly Screams at Spanish Speakers 

Deadly Love? Northwestern Professor May Have Dated Murder Victim 

Steubenville Rapist’s Dad Shot Judge Hearing His Lawsuit 

Trans Troops Sue Trump for ‘Devastating Consequences’

When a College Accepts You, Then Says You Can’t Come 

Trump Bows to Religious Right, Bans Trans Troops 

Bucks County Rich Kid Confesses to Turning Parents’ Yard Into Mass Grave

Congressional Shooter Loved Bernie, Hated ‘Racist’ Republicans, and Beat His Daughter 

Silicon Valley Parents Freak Out Over Sex Ed 



NBC Universal

No Verdict: Judge Declares Mistrial in Jessica Chambers Murder Trial 

First Responders Testify Jessica Chambers Was ‘A Zombie’ 

Judge Worries Jail for ‘Minor’ Stabbing Will Hurt Student’s Bright Future 

Friends Of Jenna Burleigh Speak Out On Night She Vanished 




Harvard Fellow Michael Morell Resigned To Protest Chelsea Manning

“Mother Of All Rallies” Speaker Omar Navarro Is Running For Congress In California

Are Juggalos A Gang? The FBI Considered Them One & They’ve Been Fighting It For Years 

St. Augustine, Florida Is Bracing For A Catastrophic Storm 

How To Help 9/11 First Responders In 2017 Get Health Care & Support 

GOP Candidate Roy Moore’s “Reds & Yellows” Racial Slur Has People Outraged 



The Washington Post

Fatal shootings by police are up in the first six months of 2016, Post analysis finds 


The Michigan Daily

Investigational Equity: Student challenges University sexual assault policies 

Protest calls on the University to improve approach to sexual assault 

Documents released from state investigation of Aura Rosser shooting

University Health Service touts alternative methods of birth control

University offers up $2,500 reward for information on sexual assault suspect 

Student announces candidacy for City Council

Taylor wins Ann Arbor mayoral race 

After 14 years, Hieftje leaves lasting legacy on city policies 

Mayoral candidates talk town-gown relationship and downtown planning at forum